Healtang L-arabinose(Novel Food), A natural sucrase inhbitor

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Healtang L-arabinose(Novel Food), A natural sucrase inhbitor
Fast Facts:
L-arabinose is
  • Plant Based Carbohydrate 
  • Sucrose Inhbitor 
  • Kosher and Halal Certified 
  • Prebiotic properties
  • Produced naturally by fermentation
  • Control Blood gulcose levels and body weight
  • Intermediate for pharamceutical ingredients as well as flavor production.
  • The taste of L-arabinose is similar to sugar with approximately half the sweetness.
It naturally occurring Arabinose is an L-form, and because it is not metabolized in humans it has no caloric value.
L-arabinose has been used as intermediate ingredients in flaovr industry to product flaovrs, Pharmaceutical industry for product of L-Ribose, L-Carnitine and biological culture medium.  
Recent studies have been conducted on the nutritional and physiological function of L-arabinose as it relates to the effects on the intestinal absorption of sucrose.
These studies conclude that L-arabinose strongly inhibits the absorption of sucrose from the small intestine. To illustrate, adding 3-5% of Healtang L-arabinose with sucrose causes an approximate 60%-80% reduction of the digestion of sucrose in the small intestine. The undigested sucrose and L-arabinose produces a short-chain fatty acid and thus functions similarly to dietary fiber.   Therefore, L-arabinose has great merits as a sweetener and food additive to help regulate blood sugar levels, combat obesity, and to maintain good health. 
Potential applications for L-arabinose include:
A: pastries and desserts,
B: Dairy and ice cream,
C: Breads,
D: Baby foods,
E: Chocolates and confections,
F: Beverages, Etc.

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