Thermal Properties of Maillard Reaction on L-Arabinose/L-Cysteine Model System

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Thermal Properties of Maillard Reaction on L-Arabinose/L-Cysteine Model System

The thermal properties of D-ribose,L-cysteine and Maillard reaction of non-aqueous phase ribose/cysteine model system were detailed investigated through thermal analysis methods such as thermal gravity,simultaneous differential thermal analysis and differential scanning calorimetry.The thermal behavior of the formation of volatiles in the reaction of ribose/cysteine was also studied by thermal gravity-mass spectrometry.It showed that the degradation temperature of L-arabinose and cysteine,respectively,were higher than that of their mixed counterparts.The earlier reaction of L-arabinose/cysteine was an endothermonic process and it must be depend on the reaction temperature and reaction duration under specific temperature.Most of volatile compounds produced in the second phase of weight loss and hydrogen sulfide also occurred in this period.It shown that Strecker degradation of cysteine into hydrogen sulfide required more higher reaction temperature.Furthermore,sulfurous compounds could generate as a result of the formation of hydrogen sulfide.Hence,the formation of sulfurous compounds had strong temperature dependence.

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