Healtang had a big show during the Seoul Food in Korea

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From 13rd to 16th May, Healtang Biotech Co.,Ltd. attended the Seoul Food show in Korea .

This is one of the famous & professional exhibitoions in Korea. During the show, Healtang Biotech Co.,Ltd. taken Refined D-xylose, L-arabinose and Xylitol to the customers from all over the world .All of the customers are very interested in Healtang Products and wish to cooperate with Healtang in future .

Key reasons to cooperate with Healtang Biotech Co.,Ltd :

  1. Healtang Biotech Co.,Ltd. using the Fermentation method to producing products;
  2. Healtang Biotech Co.,Ltd. using Chromotography & Membrane method to produing Products;
  3. Healtang Biotech Co.,Ltd is the Unique company been approved by the Chinese Pollution Protection Bureau as the Qualified manufacturer of D-xylose and L-arabinose and Xylitol ;
  4. Healtang Biotech Co.,Ltd. obeyed the GMP standard strictly in producing products .

Healtang Refined D-xylose Applications : 

  1. Healtang Refined D-xylose can be used as the reducing sugar in Maillard reaction ;
  2. Healtang Refined D-xylose can be used in Fried Surimi products (Fish cake ,fish ball etc)
  3. Healtang Refined D-xylose have the function to inhibit the activity of Sucrase


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