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Sucrose (also known as white sugar, Granulated sugar ) Use a long time, people are like sugar lasting sweetness, a sense of its dependence on special flavored hard to shake. As a disaccharide, sucrose enters the human body only through the role of invertase, broken down into glucose and fructose (both monosaccharides), the order to be absorbed by the body use. Excessive consumption Carbohydrate Causing the excess energy is an important cause of obesity caused by how people used to not only maintain the taste of sucrose, but also reduce the absorption of sugar in the intestinal tract, reducing energy intake is the nutritional and medical research focus is the food industry be solved a problem.

Recent years, extensive research by scientists and nutritionists found called "L-arabinose" material in the intestines of humans and animals on the sucrose metabolism of a blocking role. As a non-calorie sugar, L-arabinose selectively affect the small intestine in the digestion of sucrose invertase, thus inhibiting the absorption of sugar. Makes it lose weight, control diabetes, the application of promising: the American Medical Association to include anti-obesity agent used as nutritional supplements or prescription drugs, in Japan, Ministry of Health's list of foods for specified health use, L-arabinose are listed for the regulation of blood sugar into a dedicated special Health food Additives. According to The People's Republic of China Ministry of Health paper No. 12, 2008 notice, L-arabinose was approved as China's new resources of food, using the range of "types of food, but not baby food."

L-arabinose is a high health value, but the difficult extraction of the green bio- Function of sugar Class. It is the nature of naturally occurring monosaccharide, hemicellulose need from the plants (the corn bran and the rod core, peel, sugar beet residue, etc. Raw material In higher levels) separated, because the molecule contains only five carbon atoms, also known as A pentose. It looks like sugar, but the sweetness is only half the sugar. L-arabinose itself is difficult to gastrointestinal absorption, even if the food will not have long-term adverse health impact on humans and animals for toxicity in the body can not use part of the discharge from the urine.

L-arabinose can be compatible with the use of sucrose, but also a separate food. Add the sugar L-arabinose, and the character of its own sweet will remain unchanged, can be used in a variety of foods. Under normal circumstances the effective dosage is a daily dose of L-arabinose, 0.5 to 3 grams, can be taken before meals or during meals. Proportional to join in the sucrose 3.5%, to about 70% of the body inhibit the absorption of sucrose, glucose tolerance decreased. Individual consumption of L-arabinose, in the consumption of foods containing sugar has the same effect. Not reach the large intestine of sucrose decomposition, may be synergistic with L-arabinose to play the role of promoting the growth of lactic acid bacteria. L-arabinose can also inhibit the uptake of sugar by causing the blood glucose and insulin concentrations; not be broken down in the small intestine where sugar is broken down by microorganisms in the large intestine produce large amounts of organic acids, these organic acids on the synthesis of fatty liver inhibited, and thus can control the human body due to excessive intake of sugar in the blood caused by the increase in triglycerides and body fat savings.

Before the widespread use of green resources are not the main reason is: the production process is complex, costly, not mass production. Healtang Biotech Co., Limited Don and Don of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences and other countries in the research units of the support, through assimilation, and independent research and development of the organic combination of biochemical and fermentation technology with cutting-edge modern technology, to capture the production of L-arabinose technological problems, and built the world's first ton of production equipment, food for our development and utilization of new resources to create a new situation. The company also introduced for the end-consumer market three products: Hhealtang L-arabinose, Healtang stretched thin tablet, Healtang refined white sugar.

L-arabinose as an emerging health of sugar, while sugar is expected in the home, Dairy products , Pastries, Bread , Baby food, ice cream, beverages, desserts, chocolate and other foods are widely used, and will improve people's quality of life, improve health standards of living play an important significance.

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