Healtang L-Arabinose Effects on Skeletal Muscle Fiber Composition

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Effects of L-Arabinose on Skeletal Muscle Fiber Composition

Accession number;05A0387832
Title;Effects of L-Arabinose on Skeletal Muscle Fiber Composition
Author;KIKUZAWA AYUMI(Kobe Women's Univ., Fac. Home Economics, JPN)   TANAKA NORIKO(Kobe Women's Univ., Fac. Home Economics, JPN)   ICHIKAWA MINEKO(Tokyo Metrop. Inst. of Gerontology)   MIYASAKA KYOKO(Tokyo Metrop. Inst. of Gerontology)   
Journal Title;Journal of Japanese Society of Nutrition and Food Science
Journal Code:F0624A
Figure&Table&Reference;FIG.4, TBL.5, REF.32
Pub. Country;Japan
Abstract;As L-arabinose is known to selectively inhibit intestinal sucrase activity, it may improve the obesity caused by excess sucrose ingestion. The effects of L-arabinose on energy expenditure and muscle fiber composition were studied using Otsuka Long Evans Tokushima Fatty (OLETF) rats that were fed either a 20% sucrose diet (C) or a 20% sucrose diet containing 1.5% L-arabinose (A) for 21 weeks. At 29 weeks of age, the abdominal adipose tissue weight and cell size were increased in group C, while the increase of weight and cell size were significantly inhibited in group A. L-arabinose also significantly suppressed the increase of blood glucose at 2 h after glucose administration. The energy percentage of fat consumed in group A increased by 12.8% when estimated by RQ. The number of type I fibers was significantly increased in the rectus femoris muscle, which-like many other skeletal muscles-is composed of mixed type I and II fibers. These results suggest that L-arabinose is effective for changing the skeletal muscle fiber composition from predominantly glycolytic to oxidative, thus inhibiting the increment of abdominal adipose tissue. Such an altered muscle fiber ratio could improve type 2 diabetes mellitus. (author abst.)

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